Julie Jessup


Ci-dessous quelques commentaires des clients précédents de coaching:

Julie impressed me by her extremely developed hearing, comprehension and “translation” skills, without which we would have stayed in a rather uninteresting area of general considerations… With a distance of a few months, I can now see how Julie managed what seemed like a very informal coaching relationship with great rigor and efficiency.
Benjamin, Country Manager, France and Germany

…. very sharp, very helpful and to the point.
Nathan, Business Unit Leader

Julie’s open, trustful environment, her empathy and her excellent questions were particularly effective in helping me think through leadership issues. I also liked the structure she offered by making connections to work in previous sessions, bringing us back to the objectives and highlighting progress. Her holistic approach helped me to see situations in another way and I fully believe I have become a better leader.
Thomas, Partner Professional Services

C’est dans une ambiance sereine et discrète que Julie est parvenue à porter mon attention et me faire prendre conscience de l’importance de la communication dans mon métier. Plus épanoui dans le côté organisationnel, j’avais tendance à fuir l’aspect communication…. j’ai acquis un sentiment de légitimité qui se traduit au quotidien par une amélioration de mes relations en interne et à une valorisation de mon activité.
Phil, Service Généraux

As an independent business woman at a mid-point in my career, I sought coaching to help me define new objectives and reinvigorate my working life. I didn’t understand my situation so clearly until I worked with Julie, who helped me to define these objectives and seek new paths to attain them. It was fun and successful.
Alma, Consultant.

Ah Lam, Integration Planning